National Neighborhood Watch – a Division of the National Sheriffs' Association

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Neighborhood Watch Safety Systems

The NNW Safety System is an interactive video alerting system with professional monitoring to dispatch law enforcement in the event of an actual crime – and can be used both indoors and outdoors. NNW developed the Safety System using proven technology featured in several Sheriff Magazine case studies reducing crime and making arrests; video alarm technology that has been officially endorsed by the NSA for several years. A key consideration for Neighborhood Watch was to create an affordable solution that would not be limited to the affluent communities but could be widely deployed in the neighborhoods with the greatest need. Minimum requirements for operation are a smartphone to see the alerts and Internet service at the customer premise.
What is it?
The basic NNW Safety System consists of a small hub that plugs into an internet router and a wireless SAV-T Cam (Sensor Alert Video – Technology). The INDOOR SAV-T Cam is a wireless camera/sensor the size of a saltshaker while the OUTDOOR version is the size of a coffee cup. Because they are wireless and battery-powered, the SAV-T Cams can be self-installed anywhere they are needed - with no power cable. The Safety System can accommodate up to 24 additional SAV-T Cams for increased protection where it is most needed, inside or out. This is not Wi-Fi. Instead of Wi-Fi’s power cords and limited range, cordless SAV-T Cams send encrypted alerts over the same 900 MHz frequencies used by First Responder radios for the same reason – reliable wireless communication through walls and doors with maximum range inside and outside buildings. This same video alarm technology that secures critical infrastructure like substations and cell towers can now protect a home and neighborhood.

How does it work?

A standard smartphone controls the system to arm/ disarm, review videos and dispatch alerts with the push of a button. The SAV-T Cam sensor detects movement and sends a short video alert of the event to the user(s) smartphone with three options for action:
  • DISPATCH button to send the video alarm to the Central Monitoring Station for police response.
  • DISARM button to turn the system “off” and stop additional alerts.
  • DISMISS button to archive the video but leave the system “on” and allow additional alerts.
Because the user reviews and filters every alarm, the Safety System reduces law enforcement resources currently wasted responding to false alarms. Video verification of real crimes-in-progress means greater deterrence, more arrests and less crime – for an individual and the neighborhood.

Virtual Neighborhood Safety System

Outdoor SAV-T Cams can be installed in neighborhood hot spots, creating a shared “neighborhood system” that can send video alerts on outdoor activity to specific members for review; preventing crime before it happens. By adding outdoor SAV-T Cams to their home system users can push protection outside and specify which individuals can receive video alerts. The virtual outdoor system can expand as more members share their outdoor SAV-T Cams with friends or family in the neighborhood.

Video Alerts

Beyond crime-in-progress alerts, SAV-T Cams can make a household safer in other ways. For example, alerting parents that their children have arrived home after school. Simply placing a battery-powered SAV-T cam inside a drawer, cupboard, or closet can protect medicine or other valuables from curious children or roommates and send an alert to the owner of who opened the drawer.

Where does the money go?

One goal of the program is to create a stable funding base for NNW to help improve community policing resources and training. The monthly service charge paid to NNW for the interactive services and professional monitoring also supports the entire National Neighborhood Watch program and helps replace the Federal grants that funded NNW in the past.

How is it deployed?

The NNW Safety System will be sold on the official NNW Website and shipped directly to members. The system is designed to be easily self-installed using a smartphone and the NNW app. There are video tutorials explaining both installation and operation on the website as well. NNW is counting on the block captains and law enforcement liaisons to help educate the Neighborhood Watch members about the new program and direct them to the website for additional information at